An Invitation

The call for collaborations on ‘mindful encounters’ is now closed.

I am in development for a new time exchange project called ‘Time for Nothing’. If you are interested in hearing more on that, please be in touch on the form below.

The original call for collaborations is below:


— —

Would you like to be involved in these mindful encounters? Great. I’d love to hear what you’d like to do, or think the world needs more of!

It helps if it’s within my capabilities, but go ahead and put it out there, we never know what we can make possible and I am willing to learn where necessary. I will favour activities that include you as well, however that is not essential. It can be a simple, personal thing, or something broad and public. They are equal to me, I believe in the strength in subtlety and try not to prescribe to any hierarchy of experiences. It doesn’t have to save the world.. although any good intention does a part in contributing to a better world right? Especially if it’s turned into action!

Your idea needs to take up around 8 hours, broken up however you like. To collaborate you need to be able to offer 8 hours of your time in return. I encourage people to look at simple things in everyday life, and find the beauty and potential in banality.

There is no pre-requisite to the type of people that can apply or the place you apply from.  So go ahead and mail me on the form below as formally or informally as you like and feel free to hit me with any questions or ideas you have on the project. I look forward to hearing from you.


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