Oliver wanted to spend more time in the creative process to further empathise with what it was he, as a consultant to some of the major museums in London, made spaces for. In this way, being in my 8 hours satisfied his needs. He cared for these hours with an attentive hand, and it was a huge learning process for both of us. Being my first collaborator, Oliver helped me shape the process. With his knowledge of alternative ways of engaging audiences and resetting their threshold of expectation when entering a situation. Oliver was an informed, provocative and engaged collaborator. Since we have completed the first 8 hours, Oliver has suggested that we spend the 8 hours I owe him engaging in ‘more explicitly creative pursuits in combining art and life’. I am developing these as workshops for performance artists or anyone looking to unlock creativity in their everyday lives.  

Of all of our documentation, Oliver and i agree that the poem written from the aimless walking activity where we spoke only every 5 minutes, best represents our time spent. The poem is below, and some images from our experiences follow it.


Every 5 minutes.

Communist Architecture

  dressed youth in a

Green Sweater

  while the tart toxicity of

Apples in Autumn

  might breed

Seasonal behaviour

  that sends us 

Range Roving back to Narnia

  through the nostalgic clarity of 

Misty Minds.

Omnipresence of Construction 

  turns buildings on their heads to host the ground swell giving 

Life to the Tops of Trees.

  while the underside seems to die, in need of a



  leads to



Rice Sculptures

  cascade across the land in 

Japanese Design

  that bows humbly to the earth. unlike

Mini’s House

  which like the west reaches to the sky with

Dreaded Skins

  framed in


Boat People in Abundance


Siege Mentality

  that to the water afloat is

Offering Pollution.

The ripples of discontented tide, over time

  subtly provoke a

Demise in Couples

  who, as an audience for each other’s misery 

Support Estates for Agents.

After this

  I’ll resist

Restriction Anxiety

  and enjoy

Silhouettes Framed in Windows

  sending signs from the past like

Cinematic Circles

  that ask us

To End Where We Began. 


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